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10 Bollywood’s DIRTY secret affairs!


10 Bollywood’s DIRTY secret affairs!

1. Bollywood affairs back when there was no Kareena and Saif Ali Khan and Hrithik was committed to Suzanne, these two were a thing! Can you believe that Hrithik had an affair while he was still committed? As it’s been said these two were madly in love and were caught making out in the car couple of times. On one of these occasions, Kareena’s mum saw them and asked her daughter to leave the house!

10 Bollywood’s DIRTY secret affairs! 1 Bollywood affairs

2. Another affair that caused a relationship to end was one between Lara and Mahesh! Mahesh’s ex-wife, Shvetha Jaishankar, after a long silence admitted that the relationship between these two started when he was still married to her! However, Lara denied all allegations!

10 Bollywood’s DIRTY secret affairs! 2 Bollywood affairs

3. Govinda’s bollywood affairs love extramarital affair with Rani started speculating when they were on the set of ‘Hadh Kardi Aapne’ together. It is been said that Govinda was meeting Rani in her flat since meeting in public was not an option! A journalist mentioned he saw Govinda with a nightdress when he was at Rani’s house. Her parents were aware of what was going on and they, just like any other parents, didn’t approve of that!

10 Bollywood’s DIRTY secret affairs! 3 Bollywood affairs

4. Guess Bollywood affairs most successful man isn’t flawless either! As happily ever after as famous couples look on TV, they are not actually that happy! Amitabh Bachchan’s affair is known to everyone! He cheated on his wife Jaya with Rekha! Many believe that the two are still madly in love.

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10 Bollywood’s DIRTY secret affairs! 4

5. This is getting out of hand as people are still talking about them being married! There is no confirmation of the two parties but rumour has it that Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra got married during the shooting of their movie ‘Don’. Priyanka’s exit from Shahrukh’s office at 3 A.M didn’t help the matter either! Even if they are, it is all legal since Shahrukh is Muslim!

10 Bollywood’s DIRTY secret affairs! 5

6. Did you guys know that Akshay Kumar and Shilpa Shetty were once actually engaged? After the release of ‘Main Khiladi Tu Anari’ they got close but soon after, the rumours of Akshay being with Twinkle Khanna made headlines while he was still in a committed relationship with Shilpa!

10 Bollywood’s DIRTY secret affairs! 6

7. Ok now, this may have been the most dramatic one thus far but Sanjay Khan used to beat up Zeenat Aman! This definitely is not the first or the last report of domestic violence but could be considered as one of the most shocking ones! She was beaten up by him once in a five-star hotel before the eyes of many people!

10 Bollywood’s DIRTY secret affairs! 7

8. Talking about domestic violence, Aishwarya Rai has also been a victim! She was beaten up by Salman Khan back then! She even went to the police once to file a complaint due to how severe and violent the fight had become. She was even thrown out of ‘Chalte Chalte’ because of how obsessed Salman was with her. He used to drive down to the set every day and create chaos.

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10 Bollywood’s DIRTY secret affairs! 8

9. Preity was named by Suchitra Krishnamoorthy, Shekhar Kapur’s ex-wife, as the reason for their split. There was a controversy surrounding the poem Suchitra wrote addressing her to which Preity replied by calling her mentally unstable! Well, there is no smoke without fire! But we give Preity the benefit of the doubt.

10 Bollywood’s DIRTY secret affairs! 9

10. Secret marriage coming through! It has been reported that Mithun had secretly married to Sridevi and left his house to stay with her! When Yogita attempted suicide, Mithun ended it all and went back to his wife. Later the news of Sridevi’s marriage with Boney Kapoor got out!

10 Bollywood’s DIRTY secret affairs! 10
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