20 Proofs That Life Hits Where It Hurts

Psychology suggests that when we are feeling down, we are more likely to put other people down and that strangely makes us feel better. But it looks like the people included in this list have angered Lady Luck herself.

At Bright Side, we don’t believe in bullying at all, but we do believe that a little friendly laughter can resolve almost any situation. What do you think?

1. This will teach you not to take food pictures for Instagram:

2. You’re not going anywhere, man.

3. So my sister got her allergy test done and she was allergic to everything they tested for. Her worst reaction was to horses.

4. So this actually just happened at my aunt’s house:

5. I attended a training event on trauma today. However, it was this sight that traumatized me all day:

6. Perfect grilled cheese sandwich…nevermind.

7. Well, now we know the Star of David works.

8. He looks devastated…

9. I was always against ripped jeans.

10. A second before…

11. Pretty sure my mom thinks she’s charging it…

12. Bubblegum blanket!

13. It was designed, made, processed, shipped, received, and installed — and no one noticed something was a little bit off?

14. Oh, look, a lemon…

15. I never thought I’d be scared of chocolate chip cookies…

16. My friend wanted to go to the Night of Museums but couldn’t leave his dog alone…

17. What a strange grocery choice…

18. If it’s fate — it’s fate.

19. A porcupine fell out of a tree and landed on her head.

20. Was this his punishment?


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