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30 Crazy Things You’ll Only See In Japan

Crazy Things


30 Crazy Things You’ll Only See In Japan

Adult Playtime

These two guys look like the biggest playboys in Japan!…Until you get a closer look and realize they’re hanging out with life sized dolls. That still probably puts them in the top tier of cool people in Japan, which is saying something.

You Can Shave The Baby

Shaving your baby can be such an annoyance. Their shins always get so hairy! It’s good to learn young. Also please don’t go home and shave your babies after reading this.

Japanese KFC

KFC is actually Japan’s Christmas meal of choice (kind of sad). Now why he’s dressed in a kamono holding a slice of watermelon is beyond comprehension.

Weird Beauty Regimens

I guess putting these stocking things on your head is supposed to serve some cosmetic purpose? Maybe it’s supposed to make your face look more punchable.

Star Wars Meets Baseball

This kind of thing probably happens at more Japanese baseball games than you would think. Darth Vader on the mound doesn’t really seem fair though..because ya know”the force” and all.

They Enjoy Pillow Talk

It’s strange how little Japan cares about anything. You want to take a pillow of a cartoon girl on a date? Yeah, sure just make sure your reservation is for two!

Harajuku Girls

Can you even call this racist? No one on earth actually looks like that…at least I sure hope not.

Doritos Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

Doritos has a very different marketing strategy in Japan…What is the target demographic with a bag design like this? I’d still eat them so it must be me.

The Longest Eyelashes You’ve Ever Seen

Imagine the butterfly kisses you’d get from those bad boys!!!


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They Wear Meat Suits

He looks way too intense for a guy in a full body meat suit…I wonder how much meat that is??

Everyone Loves To Dress Up!

If there is one thing Japan does take serious it’s their studies! I wonder how many times these poor school girls were held back :'(

Disturbing Body Modifications

Who was the first person to think it would be cool to pump your head full of goo so it inflates like this? Bold move removing they eye brow piercing and going for the double ogre forehead look. That’s going to pay off for her.

Afro Cookies

Is this thing like a cookie, or an actual piece of an could go either way. Regardless, who would ever want to eat an afro cookie? It must taste like hair.

Christmas Companion

This photo may be too sad to make fun of.. Alone on Christmas having a crap dinner with an animated girl on your computer.. Get a dog or something man, come on.

Odd Man Out

You know you have issues when you’re the outcast in Japan.. He got the hairstyle right, but flew a little too close to the sun trying to pull off the dog/sea lion outfit.

Japanese Heroes

It’s always nice when communities pay respect to local heroes…Is it too far-fetched to think maybe banana man is their equivalent of Batman?

Strange Hygiene Habits

I guess this if from a Japanese game show? Maybe this is just a daily hygiene thing in Japan..Maybe this isn’t a Japan thing and girls always do this in the bathroom?? … I really don’t know.

A More Masculine Sailor Moon

Is it really that bad of a costume if you can tell who he’s supposed to be?…Although I don’t remember anything about Sailor Moon carrying around a red purse.

Rain Rain Go Away

Okay, I’ll give Japan credit when it’s due. This looks like it may actually work. Lady HATES getting wet I guess.

When You Just Cant Hold Yourself Up

1. This shouldn’t exist. 2. How long of a commute do you have that would make a tri-pod chin rest a reasonable purchase?

Human Calligraphy

I’m not sure if this is a some type of recreational activity or an ancient form of torture.. It’s usually tough to tell the difference with anything they do in Japan.

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

It would make sense if her helmet said, “wake me up when we reach X stop,” but who would ever do that? Let her sleep.

Exotic Vending Machines

Am I saying I would cook and eat vending machine crab? No. Have these crabs most likely been dead for days and reek of ammonia? Oh 100%. With the current Yen to US dollar exchange rate, is 23 cents a crab a great deal? You betcha!

Taking Daddy Duty To A New Level

Do they not have bottles over there, or does he just want to get the full experience?..This still probably isn’t the strangest thing you’d see taking public transportation in Japan.

Everyone’s Favorite Cartoon Character

This is somehow a famous cartoon character that people dress up for as Halloween…I feel like this is just one of those costumes you can make for yourself at home with a wig and a trip to the back of mom’s closet.

They Give You A Shoulder To Lean On

Not only was someone lonely enough to invent lady leg shaped pillows, but it turns out that there was an actual demand for them in Japan at least. How very sad.

They Make Diet Water

What could possibly be in their “normal” water that warrants they make a diet water?

Annual Crying Baby Contest

You can picture this pretty clearly in your head.. Freshly shaven babies screaming bloody murder as a monster man in a diaper swings them around. Japan’s favorite past time.

It’s Okay To Be Balding!

The Japan equivalent to Johnny Bravo I guess. It’s weird he shaves parts of his head to emphasis his widow’s peak.

It’s Not A Party Till Someone Brings The Coca-Cola!

Japan is full of a bunch of coke heads

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