32 Unique Photos That Required Perfect Timing

A lot of factors must coincide to get a successful photo. Professionals sometimes spend years waiting to catch that very moment on their cameras. But sometimes this moment can be captured completely accidentally by amateurs. In both cases, a simple shot becomes a masterpiece.

Bright Side found 32 photos in which luck was on the side of photographers.

This jumping dog looks like a hero of anime cartoons.

Who did the stork bring to us?

“I love you so much that I want to eat you up!”

This magic lasts less than a second.

“My very favorite picture of my father. He’s the one that set the camera’s timer.”

The dance of yin and yang

“Sometimes, extremely rarely, it just all comes together for a wildlife photographer. I’m so glad this time it did.”

What an optimistic truck!



Here we see the difference of tempers in one shot.

This service dog enjoys his cake on the occasion of his retirement.

“Look, it looks cool with this filter!”

A mesmerizing jump from a humpback whale

This mother elephant is defending her cubs from a bull.

Cats flirting

Another prince jumped away!

His Majesty the Cat

An ideal moment of unity with nature

What a meeting!

“Been dreaming of this moment since Belle and Snow White showed me how it’s done.”

Someone managed to capture the moment when the lightning shot the tree.

The perfidy of seagulls has no boundaries.

“Found him in Achankovil Forest in Kerala, India.”

It’s not a child but an angel!

An eclipse through the wing of a bird

Grace is definitely not his main feature.

“We bet you didn’t notice Godzilla.”

Playing hide and seek. Level: God.

10 points for artistry!

Just a plane landing…

“My cat sneezed as soon as I took this picture.”

Hot tea spilled at −40°F

“It’s not a hovercraft, just really clear water.”


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