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What Beauty Looks Like In Every Corner Of The World

Beauty Looks


What Beauty Looks Like In Every Corner Of The World

While beauty is highly standardized in the realm of Hollywood, the world has all different types of beauty standards. From Australia to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between, we found out how different areas of the world define beauty.

Check out our gallery and see how which countries define beauty in their own individual way and see which places you agree with the most.

Thessaloniki, Greece

What makes this woman more beautiful is that she looks amazing without any makeup or dyed hair. In Greece, this young woman is regarded as a great beauty due to many of her unique features. Her long brown hair offers a nice contrast to her light, smooth skin. Her striking blue eyes stand out from to her pink blouse, too.

Amazon Jungle, Ecuador

This woman starkly contrasts what the West says is beautiful. She’s an expressive figure who lives in the Amazon jungle in Ecuador from the Kichwa tribe. Her tribal history is shown all over her body. Talk about natural beauty, this is as natural as you can get.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

This woman’s skin says it all. She definitely has African roots because of the beautiful color of her skin and the texture of her hair. She is most likely mixed with Brazilian somewhere along the way because she has different facial features than that of a fully African woman.

Riga, Latvia

This beautiful European woman is from the city of Riga in Latvia. It’s difficult to find a woman with natural hair that’s this light without any bleaching, however it’s fairly normal in Latvia. This Eastern European country is full of light skinned people with fair hair and light eyes, and this woman makes her country look proud.


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UlaanBatar, Mongolia

This young woman was photographed in UlaanBatar, Mongolia. UlaanBatar is actually the capital of Mongolia, which sits along Tuul River valley. This city has plenty of history, as it was originally a nomadic Buddhist area, but was take over by the Soviet Union in the 20th century. Her beauty is one reason to visit this amazing city.

Mawlamyine, Myanmar (Burma)

This woman works in the local market in the slums Myanmar, so it shows that wealth has nothing to do with beauty. She works hard, but she is still showing off a genuinely happy smile. She is wearing local tribal face paint, with a bindi crystal in the middle of her head, which is a symbol of marriage.

Tokyo, Japan

This young woman has the really interesting combination. While she may not be of Japanese blood, she is Indian and Egyptian, but she was born and raised in Tokyo.Nobody could’ve known based on where she is standing, solely based on her looks. She makes diversity in Tokyo look amazing.

Kaesong, North Korea

Although North Korea is not necessarily known for their beautiful people, this woman defies the odds. In Korea, this woman has on one of the country’s notable traditional dresses for a specific event.  Both Korea and Japan have such a notability with how they dress and where they go for these events, which can also be beautiful.

Grozny, Chechnya

While it may not be your traditional definition of beauty, this woman from Chechnya defies what it means to be beautiful. This woman radiates confidence, beauty, and a strong sense what she must do. In a conjunction with Russia, nothing is necessarily easy.

Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Tajikistan may not be the first country that comes to mind when you think of beauty, but this woman makes you think otherwise. Here, this woman is seen in her unique wedding dress. With her long, straight, dark hair and clear skin, this woman is an attraction for any eyes in the world.

Cali, Colombia

Since Colombiam bombshell Sofia Vergara got her foot in Hollywood, her home country has been percieved as a place with such beautiful women. But the woman pictured here is a different type of beauty from Cali, Colombia, but she has Lebanese in her, which adds an interesting mix to her beauty.

Botosani, Romania

This Romanian woman is wearing a scarf on her head, which represents the rich Eastern European culture that has been a part of that region for hundreds of years. Also, peeking through the scarf, we can see her beautiful brown hair pulled back into a loose ponytail. Her soft smile raises her rosy cheeks and compliments her big, brown eyes.

Moscow, Russia

Russia may not be known for it’s beautiful women, but this woman defies it all. Her amazing features and keenly seen in this photo. She wears a plain shirt which allows for her natural features to stand out.

Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania is better known for its vampires, but this Romanian beauty would make you think otherwise. Eastern Europe is filled with many looks, and this viking-look-a-like is just one of many.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is no stranger when it comes to beautiful women, and this is women is just one example. She is also very lightly colored, with blonde hair and blue eyes, because the country is in darkness for a lot of the year, so there is no need for a lot of melanin in the skin.

Sydney, Australia

Australia is another country where one of its best exports are their beautiful people. She may not be one of the native Aboriginals, but she grew up in the country from down under and gives Australia a great representation.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

While the country may not best be known for their model-like women, this woman pictured here would have you guess otherwise. The woman here is a hotel maid. Her hair is braided into cornrows, and she has visible, tribal-like tattoos on her neck. Her round face is one of perfect symmetry with a round-tipped nose right in the middle.

Arequipa, Peru

Peruvian women are known for their exotic look, and this woman pictured here fits that perfectly. Her brown skin allows for her red lips to almost pop, without even a drop of lipstick. Her hair is shiny and long, and it compliments her deep, dark eyes.

Maori, New Zealand

This woman has that beautiful exotic look that is very foreign to western standards of beauty. She is also from a tribe – the Maoris of New Zealand, although they are integrated with the modern population while maintaining their own culture, language, and history. Background aside, this girl is pretty and the first thing that stands out are her eyes.

Mumbai, India

This Indian girl is deaf and attends a school in one of India’s major slums where poverty is everywhere and charity is much needed. She is smiling for us, giving a kind of cheer regardless of her circumstances, and above it all, she’s extremely beautiful.

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