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Black Friday Shopping Tips Revealed

Black Friday


Black Friday Shopping Tips Revealed

Are you looking to make the most of your Black Friday shopping trips? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up some tips to help kick your holiday shopping off right!

20. Shop With Discounted Gift Cards

You can find deals on gift cards at for a large variety of retailers, including the likes of Target and Walmart. Buying discounted gift cards is an automatic (and extra!) way to save some cash this Black Friday.

19. Opt In For Emails

Make sure you join your favorite store’s mailing list to get ads and any discounts offered via email. It’s recommended to do this at least two weeks before Black Friday.

18. Make A Shopping List

Prioritize your shopping list by placing those must-find items at the top. These can be the best deals, or a hot item that’s more likely to sell out.

17. Make A Backup Plan

Make sure you have a backup plan just in case your top items are sold out. You don’t want to get caught in the crowds without knowing what you’re really after.

16. Shop With A Friend

Why brave the crowds alone when you can use a friend to help you get those must-have items faster? By working together, you can get in and out of the stores faster and have a better chance of getting your hands on those popular items.

15. Don’t Take The Kids

Of course, you can’t take the kids when it’s them you’re shopping for, and there’s the whole patience factor. You’ll undoubtedly be standing in line for who knows how long, and hearing the little ones complain won’t make it any easier.

14. Use Price Checking Apps

You can simply download an app, such as Amazon, that allows you to scan barcodes to see if the item is being sold at a better price somewhere else.

13. Plan Out Your Shopping Route

You’ll obviously want to start at the store that has your must-have items, then you can plan your route based on store hours, sales, and other items on your list. But planning ahead will save you the headache of trying to figure out where you want to start when you’re already in traffic.

12. Don’t Try To Price Match

Most store price matching policies aren’t honored on Black Friday deals, so don’t even waste your time trying to bargain with the cashier or manager.

11. Shop On Wednesday

Many stores start sales the day before Thanksgiving, giving you the chance not only to get a deal, but to also get those hot items before the crowds hit.

10. Score Early Deals

Don’t wait until Black Friday to start finding the deals when you can find them online! You can score amazing online deals that may not be available later in the week, plus most retailers are offering free shipping as well.

9. Shop For Other Events

With so many deals being offered, it’s a waste to only shop for Christmas gifts. Plan ahead for upcoming birthdays, weddings, and other events where a gift is necessary, and score those at a bargain while out doing your Black Friday shopping.

8. Don’t Wear Red To Target

Avoid wearing red to Target unless you want to be constantly stopped by other customers with questions.

7. Know Where To Shop

With deals being offered at just about every store, it can get overwhelming. Find online guides to pick where to shop for specifics, such as clothes, tablets, and toys.

6. Shop Online Instead

Can’t stand Black Friday crowds and lines? Then, luckily for you, most stores offer the same deals online. And don’t forget to use coupon codes, too!

5. Don’t Go To Walmart

Sure, the giant retailer has some great deals, but everyone else knows about them, too. Avoid the frustration (and injuries!) by staying clear of Walmart the day after Thanksgiving.


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4. Start Shopping Early

And by early, I mean early in the morning on Black Friday. Getting to the stores as soon as they open Thanksgiving evening or Black Friday morning means more of a chance of actually getting the items you want.

3. Set A Budget

Set a strict budget to follow to avoid those impulse purchases. It’s also recommended to leave the credit cards at home to help you avoid unnecessary purchases.

2. Not Everything Is Really A Deal

Sometimes, stores will offer better deals as it gets closer to Christmas. Retailers may also inflate prices to make it look like you’re getting a deal when in reality, other stores always offer that item at the “discounted” price.

1. Use Shopping Bags Instead Of A Cart

Pushing a cart through aisles filled with people and their carts can be a headache. So unless you’re shopping for large items, do yourself a favor and use hand baskets or re-useable shopping bags instead.

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