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Build, Grow, and Monetize Facebook Pages


Build, Grow, and Monetize Facebook Pages

Find photos using FPTraffic

Find and Schedule Photos with a CLICK!

Use FPTraffic to easily find, schedule, and post content on your Facebook Pages.

Facebook has a scheduling tool, but with FPTraffic you simply create your schedule and then search through all our photo sources for content related to your Pages.

When you find a photo you want to post to your Page, click on it and it’ll automatically be added to your queue.

FPTraffic is the best and quickest tool to find and schedule content to be posted to your Facebook Pages!

Sign up and Manage Your Pages Efficiently

The Facebook Pages managed by FPTraffic have 3,047,698,404+ Likes!

Easily Manage All Your Pages and Posts

Add an UNLIMITED amount of Facebook Pages and schedule an UNLIMITED amount of posts to your FPTraffic account for just $10/month.

FPTraffic makes managing hundreds of Pages easy. Not only is finding and scheduling content a breeze, but managing it is as well.

Every post published on your FPTraffic account is saved so you can easily go back and repost it.

You can also add descriptions and captions to your photo posts with a click of your mouse!

Manage ALL of your Pages for just $10/month.

Easily Manage All Your Posts

Photos posted by FPTraffic members are viewed about 50,000,000 times a day on Facebook!

Find and schedule products to monetize your Pages with Amazon

Monetize your Facebook Pages using Amazon…with a search and click!

Start earning money on autopilot with Amazon Associates and your Pages!

This year FPTraffic members are likely to generate over $1,000,000 in sales on Amazon.

Do you want a piece of that pie? Use the Amazon tool on FPTraffic to easily find and schedule products to your Pages.

Not sure how you can use Amazon to make money? We have an exclusive Guide for that!

Start Earning Money Daily with Amazon

“FPTraffic simply ROCKSSS! I am happy to have all of these awesome tools and guides for making my Facebook Page so big and profitable. Just try for a month this masterpiece and I am sure you will be satisfied with that!” – Dario Hrvojevic (Croatia)

Access to all of the FPTraffic EXCLUSIVE Guides

Still not convinced? FPTraffic has an growing library of EXCLUSIVE Guides written by the leaders of Facebook Page Marketing!

Membership to FPTraffic gives you access to the top Guides on how to build, grow, and monetize Facebook Pages.

New opportunities arise constantly and the FPTraffic Guides cover all the latest methods for advertising and monetizing your Facebook Pages.

The Guides alone are worth the membership price. You get access to the Guides AND all the awesome tools.

Check out our Case Studies!

Easily Manage All Your Posts

Get Started TODAY

The FPTraffic tools and Guides are constantly being updated. As Facebook Pages evolve so will the tools and information we have available.

Join FPTraffic today and start building your Facebook Page empire. Our members are reaching millions of people a day. It’s your turn!

Click HERE to Connect Your Facebook and Get Started

FPTraffic requires certain permissions from Facebook to access your Pages. We will NEVER post to your Facebook account directly (only your Pages) and we will only post at the scheduled times you choose. Your friends information is never gathered nor saved by FPTraffic. Click here to learn more about our permissions requests.

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