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Cheekolite, The Indian Alternative to TikTok? Know Everything About The Short Video Making Social Media App worth a download


Cheekolite, The Indian Alternative to TikTok? Know Everything About The Short Video Making Social Media App worth a download

The Indian Alternative to TikTok is here now, There are many short-video making applications available on the Play Store, but Cheekolite has huge popularity compared to others. But there is a new entrant in this space called ‘Cheekolite’, and it is completely made in India. Reportedly, launched by a Kanpur based small company about a month ago, the application has potential to grow, With the growing wave of hatred against TikTok and calls to ban this app, will Cheekolite take over as the new rage? Let us tell you everything about this new Indian short video making social media application. #UninstallTikTok Funny Memes & Jokes Take over Twitter as Netizens Have Not Yet Made Peace With YouTube vs TikTok Feud!

What is Cheekolite?

As per the description on the Play Store, “Cheekolite is a free Short Video and Social Platform. It is designed for people to showcase their innovative videos inline with our theme of light humour.” The app’s seamless interface allows user to create, edit and share their videos. They can also browse through a library of top videos across the globe. Looking through the images of the app on the Play Store, the interface looks very similar to that of TikTok. A user’s profile page, the making of videos looks almost the same.

Currently Cheekolite is the best Indian Alternative to TikTok

How Does it Work?

If a user has to make videos,  then they will have to make a profile on the app registering with a username and a password. Otherwise, one can just scroll on the homepage for watching through other videos that are uploaded. For recording a video, there’s a red record sign button on the screen. A user can record their content and publish it for others to see. While you are watching the video, there is an option to like, comment and share it.

If you have been familiar with using TikTok, the application Cheekolite is just the same. As per some tweets, it is launched by a small company based in Kanpur India and is now among the Top Charts on Google Android Play Store. TikTok Ratings Drop Further on Google Play Store, Netizens Can’t Keep Calm As They Trend #BanTikTokIndia With Funny Memes and Jokes.

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