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Consumer Electronics Show 2020: Matrix unveils ‘reverse’ microwave



Consumer Electronics Show 2020: Matrix unveils ‘reverse’ microwave

The Juno microwave was unveiled at the CES 2020 in Las Vegas. It is described as a ‘reverse microwave’ which does the opposite of what a microwave does. It can chill a bottle of wine in just under three minutes, more or less.

The device uses thermoelectric technology to quickly reverse the effects of a microwave, whether it’s a bottle of wine or a hot mug of coffee.

Explaining the product, Matrix – the product’s developers – said, “Juno can do so much more than just chill wine. It can turn your freshly brewed coffee cold, transform your hot tea into iced tea, and cool your favourite beer or soda, right in the can.”

A woman operating 'Juno'
A woman operating ‘Juno’

One can simply put their drink inside the device, close the lid, and push one of two top buttons to chill their drinks accordingly.

Within minutes, the red light stripe will turn to blue indicating that the device has done it’s job.

Akram Boukai, CEO and co-founder of Matrix, said: “Juno is the ultimate consumer demonstration of how our cooling technology can radically alter the way we manipulate temperatures.”

Watch the detailed video of ‘Juno’ below:

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