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Mia Khalifa’s Fat To Fit Transformation Is Motivating!



Mia Khalifa’s Fat To Fit Transformation Is Motivating!

Transformation is a big word. Not everyone is too dedicated to do because it is the toughest thing to go through. Now when we say, stars…it’s not only limited to a particular industry, it has a vast scenario. We have seen many celebrities getting fat to fit the body but the surprising person is the ex-pornstar Mia Khalifa. Mia transformed herself before entering into the world of fantasy where people prefer a fit and flexible to get pleasure from their dreams.

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She posted on her twitter handle, in which she is seen so much transformed and captioned it as,

Here goes my #transformationtuesday: Life is about balance. For me, it’s balancing my passion and love for food with my health. People ask me all the time how I eat so much and stay skinny – IT HASN’T ALWAYS BEEN THAY WAY AND IT TAKES A SHIT TON OF F**KING WORK. It’s not ‘good genes,’ or a ‘young metabolism’. It’s 5 days grinding in the gym every f**king week so I can go on a guilt-free culinary excursion every few months and be able to drown my protein in a creamy morel sauce without looking like an offensive tackle for the Washington Redskins. Anyways, the point is, work hard, eat carbs.”.

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Many said that she must have got that body frame naturally but Mia has proved that wrong. After Sunny Leone, Mia Khalifa ruled many hearts on the internet. There were memes and trolls when the picture got revealed.

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