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Wonderful Animals Who Adopted Babies Of Different Species

Wonderful Animals


Wonderful Animals Who Adopted Babies Of Different Species

Believe it or not, in the animal kingdom, parents adopt babies that aren’t their own. It truly showed how kind animals can be.  Take a look at these incredible stories of animals who adopted babies of another species as their own.

These photos are going to surprise you, to say the least, and it’s really incredible how caring they are. Here are the photos to prove it!

Lioness and antelope calf

In what was called a “completely unprecedented” event, a wild lioness came across a baby oryx (a type of antelope) and took in the antelope like one of her own. Conservationists suspected that the lioness had recently suffered the traumatic loss of a cub, and was therefore eager to fawn over a baby animal.

So lovely

The zookeepers and vets wrapped the piglets in tiger skin and placed the babies around the mother tiger and she became happy to have them.

A dog and kitty

Dogs, traditionally dislike cats, but this wasn’t the case for these two, they became inseparable and they really love each other.

An elephant who adopted a puppy

Nobody knows how this happened or how to explain it but the elephant shows her maternal instincts by protecting the dog and showing him a lot of maternal affection.

A rabbit that adopted piglets

Animals can easily detect when others are in need of help and they are always willing to assist. These two lucky piglets are happy with their new mother.

A tiger and her piglets

A forlorn tigress, heartbroken because her own cubs have died, adopted a litter of piglets when zoo officials in California wrap them in tiger skins.

The dog and the kangaroo

Rex and his owner were out for a walk one day when they noticed a kangaroo on the side of the road who had been struck and killed by a car. It was a 4-month-old baby kangaroo who had survived in his mother’s pouch. In the days before the joey was brought to a wildlife sanctuary, Rex and the ‘roo bonded, cuddling and playing together.

The spaniel and the sheep

Jess the springer spaniel takes her duties on her sheep farm very seriously. Not only does she guard the sheep and carry buckets of water and tools, but she also helps out with nursing any orphaned lambs, even carrying bottles of milk for them in her mouth.

Chimp Adopts Tiger Cubs

When a tiger cub was separated from its mother a lovely chimpanzee decided to adopt the cub.


When This Lioness Found An Infant Deer Something Very Intriguing Happened…


A dog and a Tiger Cub

This tiger pub was adopted by this lovely dog in the northeast of France after being rejected by its biological mother.

Tortoise and Hippo

A baby-hippopotamus that survived the tsunami waves on the Kenyan coast has formed a strong bond with a giant male century-old tortoise, in an animal facility in the port city of Mombasa.

Owen and Mzee continue to spend their days together in the pond, feeding and patrolling. Owen nudges Mzee to come for walks, and Mzee sometimes even follows Owen.

Dog & Kittens

This dog decided to adopt this kitty becoming part of the family. They all protect and love him.

Dog Adopts Baby Ducklings

It turns out it wasn’t part of the original plan when Frances Marsh, 25, and her family bought two two-day-old ducklings at a local garden center near their home in Atlantic Beach, N.C. Yogi, the family’s 5-year-old corgi, was in the car that day and was instantly fascinated by the family’s purchase. Ever since, the ducklings, Biggie and ‘Pac, have chosen to follow Yogi, as if he were their mother.

Baby Hippo and Dog


Having a tough start as a pup herself, Lisha, the South African Labrador was rescued and nurtured back to health by her loving parents, Nadine and Rob. Today, Lisha helps raise abandoned and orphaned animals. This baby hippo was particularly likable to Lisha. She teaches orphans how to be real life wild animals!

Calf and Lamb

Buddy the Calf and Larry the Lamb, who are both six-months-old, have become inseparable farmyard friends since they were both orphaned on the same day.

Pig and Monkey

This pig was found wandering around the house and she was adopted and became friends with the monkey.

Dog & piglets

This is the story of a bulldog named baby who adopted six orphaned piglets in Germany.

Golden Retriever Friend with Baby Bunnies

This special friendship between a golden retriever and two baby bunnies is truly adorable and admirable! Friendship comes at all ages, in all shapes and certainly in all sizes.

So adorable!

This dog decided to adopt a baby macaque and now they are inseparable.

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